Sunday, March 31, 2013

<- Spring break ->

    Here I am, a working mom trying to figure out my balance. This past week Parker had spring break. Because I am a working mom I really try to make it as fun as I can when I'm at home. Here are some pictures from our much needed spring break! I am the mom that smiles at the thought of no school, I absolutely love to have my little ones home with me at all times! I might feel that way because I go to work and leave them behind with my mom! I'm sure I wouldn't be so excited if I were a stay at home mom!

<<Family dinner with my family>>

 << Atascadero Zoo with friends >>

<< Ella Fun >>


Thursday, March 21, 2013

My little farm

I love spring. To me, it represents happiness! Flowers blooming, the sun shinning and the kids out side
getting dirty, and it brings happiness to my heart!

I have posted pictures of my dining room that I finally decorated! and some of the animals roaming the property! The pigs aren't ours, they belong to some 4H kids that are using our land! It has been so much fun to have them! 

 <<loving my new bar>>
 <<Pulp fiction?>>
 << *sigh* how cute>>
 <<The kids love the baby pigs>>

 <<Parker and Theo with the buns>>
 <<Alisha needs a kid>>

 <<Sweet baby Quinne>>


 <<Owen and Taryn>>
 <<If I could choose his wife ...>>
 <<Chicken coop that my brother built, the drawers pull out to get the eggs(clever)>>
 << Neighbors horse>>
<<Last but not least  the hamsters, that I picture killing each other every night when I hear them, what appears to be screaming ... and I don't stop it>>

Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 12, 1981

    32 years ago I was born to my role model, my mom! She never made a big deal of her birthday as we grew up, and I have taken that from her. I never want a big fuss over my birthday, this year was no exception. But to my surprise I had such a great, care free and easy birthday! My beautiful friends and family surrounded me and I, once again was reminded that I am truly blessed! here are some pictures of my birthday week!

>>The girls made a photo booth at work for my b-day<<

>>Drive in with the family<<
>>Dinner with my gals<<

 >>Sweet Hunter came to see me<<
>>Along with some other friends<<