Monday, June 3, 2013

So long May

<< This guy turned 31 >>

<< Theo is always ready to play ball >>

<< A good day, amongst a lot of bad >>

<< Otto is always by my side >>

<< graduates! >>

<< I will miss Parkers teacher >>

<< I love our rest time >>
<< Hello little friend >>
     June has already been better then May.I have never been so happy to watch May pass me by! It was filled with many illnesses, fussy kids and way to much work for Kyle and my self! I can only hope for sunny happy days in my future as we eagerly await summer! The count down begins!
    On a good note we have added on to my family, My sweetest little baby boy Named Otto! A Morkie (maltese/yourkie) He has brought so much happiness to our lives in the midst of by far the craziest hardest month of my life.

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