Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yosemite is for lovers

    I have to write this down while it is still fresh in my memory. Yosemite. We started going last year with my parents and my moms best friend, and I hope to go every year until I die. It is such a gift to me.
    when you drive into Yosemite, you are leaving every stress and worry behind you as you drive down to the Valley floor, you are entering a place where magical memories will be made each time you go! I am so thankful my kids will always have the memory of Yosemite and I can only hope it is something that we do with their children some day! Not only is it magnificent, it will take your breath away! but it's a place where the kids can go and be free, where you meet your neighbor and the kids form little bike gangs. Where you wake up each morning admiring the beauty while you drink your coffee. The kids wake up clean and by the end of the day are covered in dirt and scabs and have had an amazing adventure to store in their mind forever! 
    Yosemite is my happy place, I will cherish it forever! 

<< The view at the end of the tunnel when entering Yosemite >>

 << camp life >>

<< The kids our first night >>

<< Yosemite is for lovers >>

<< B.F.F >>

<< River rats >>

<< beach >>

<< The gals and Jude >>

<< Bike gang >>

<< Yosemite falls >>

<< we found a pool in camp curry, thank God because it was HOT >>

<< buss stop >>

<< Parker playing a game with a real Indian lady ( obsessed ) >>

<< Indian Village >>

<< the baby ducks were so sweet! >>

<< Theo had sand in his eyes ... a lot >>

<< Our home for the week, house keeping >>

<< it rained every day! >>


  1. i thought that indian woman was your grandma at first!! ahhah! looks amazing! SO many good memories:)